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My Neuro Health provides brain scans and neuro-psychological assessments to monitor the health and wellness of the aging brain and those affected by brain injury.

We provide the clinician and patients with a truly objective measurement of brain health pre and post treatments, or trauma.  This objective data helps facilitate improvement, and results in better compliance to the clinicians' protocols.  Because it is easy to administer and is very cost efficient it also becomes a powerful tool for any clinician who is looking for objective data related to brain performance.



Research on the subject is becoming clear: concussion is multifaceted and requires a variety of assessments. Currently, a brain's state is assessed through standard performance and subjective methods. However, performance and symptoms can normalize before the brain has healed. Research shows that EEG brain scans and brainwave analyses can provide a unique picture of the brain through an objective measurement that compliments these standard assessments.

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